Storm Door Installation in Passaic, NJ

Storm Door -  Glass Repair in Passaic, NJ
The Elite series aluminum storm door offers elegant and distinctive luxury for the homeowner’s lifestyle. From a selection of 10 aluminum storm door styles with 19 powder coat colors to match the entry door and beautiful hardware, these doors focus on making your vision come true. Elite is all about providing distinction, light and value.

Extruded Aluminum Corner Gusset System
Heat Ventilation System – Optional
Cam Lock System
Aluminum Extruded Hinges
Self-Storing Doors

Home Security Door Installation in Passaic, NJ

Security Storm Door -  Window Manufactures and Wholesalers in Passaic, NJ
Heavy, 16 Gauge Welded Steel Frame makes HMI’s door extra strong and extra safe. Tempered Safety Glass is surrounded by a tight weatherproof seal.
Extruded Metal Z-Bar with weather-stripping frames your Security Door ensuring your door has a tight seal against the elements.

Three heavy Duty Hinges provide additional tamper resistance.
Steel Vault Pins are inserted behind the hinges to secure the door if the hinges should become damaged.
Adjustable Pneumatic Closer allows you to set how fast or slow your door will close.
Steel Dust Box and Strike Plate (Exclusively Manufactured by HMI) are factory mounted for extra protection.
Bottom Expander with Double Weather-stripped Sweep ensures a snug fit and seals the door at the threshold.

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